Chapter 4 Contributor: Part I

4.1 Soft skills

How do I approach a task? What you should be given is clear definition of a task a time frame that you have to fulfill the task. If the task is fairly large, you start by splitting it up to smaller pieces.

Free up your calendar for 3 hours blocks.

When approaching your colleagues, do not approach them with a problem, approach them with what is happening and what you would like to happen. If you are not showing or proposing a solution, you are just complaining.

What are legal regulations such as GDPR? As you will on this level it will already be expected that you work with a data, it is necessary that you learn a bit about regulations.

How do I produce a valuable output for my employer?

4.2 Cloud

What is cloud? Will I use cloud as a data scientist? How do I work on cloud?

4.3 Databases and Data Lakes

What is a database? What is a data lake?

4.4 SQL

What is SQL? How do I download entire table using SQL? How do I select columns using SQL? How do I filter rows using SQL? How do I join tables in SQL?

4.5 Programming

How do I load data to my IDE? What types of features do we know? What is a function? How do I perform numeric operations in my IDE?