Here are the links to the datasets used in this guide. You can download the data set on the GitHub page, drag it into your working directory folder, and then click on it in the file viewer in RStudio to import them into your environment.

\(^1\)Adapted from datasets contained in the metaSEM package (Cheung 2015b).

\(^2\)Adapted from the Senn2013 dataset contained in the meta package (Schwarzer 2007).

\(^3\)Sourced from the robvis package.



Cheung, Mike W-L. 2015b. “MetaSEM: An R Package for Meta-Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling.” Frontiers in Psychology 5. Frontiers: 1521.

Schwarzer, Guido. 2007. “Meta: An R Package for Meta-Analysis.” R News 7 (3): 40–45.